Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves

Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves

Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves can be a great option if you need a super-small, ultra-light way to heat water and food on a backpacking trip. Weighing in at just 3.4 ounces, this baby is smaller than most other options on the market, so even when you’re carrying your propane with it, you’ll hardly notice the extra weight in your pack. It’s easy to use and has plenty of features that make it backpacker-friendly. This is definitely a product worth checking out for the serious backpacker who doesn’t always want cold food on the trail.

Features of Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves

The Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves have several great features. One is that the burner is oversized compared with the size of the entire stove. This makes the heat distribute more evenly, allowing you to cook more easily on this burner. Here are a few other great features:

  • Collapsible burner head makes the stove pack down incredibly small so you can stuff it into a corner of your backpack
  • Curved pot supports allow you to use a larger-than-expected pot on top of this burner without worrying about tipping
  • No accessory parts necessary
  • 12,000 BTU power allows versatility and plenty of heat to cook different types of items and to boil water quickly and efficiently

Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves Review

Pros and Cons of These Stoves

Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves are certainly some of the smallest available today, which makes them the top choice of many backpackers who don’t want to sacrifice space or food quality on a hike. Here are some other pros and cons to consider.


  • Precision simmering control allows you to keep temperature just where you want it while you’re cooking food
  • Pot supports keep the stove from being top-heavy
  • Boils water in four minutes or less on high heat
  • Optional fuel can stabilizer can make it even more stable
  • Folds down into a compact shape that also protects the arms from wear and tear in your pack


  • The burners on Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves may be a bit too small for some hikers to be satisfied, but if you’re going for a lightweight option, this one is one of the more versatile out there.

Who Are Brunton Flex Backpack Stoves For?

These stoves are great for hikers who want to have good food on the trail but who don’t want to carry too much extra weight to get it. You could serve one or two people from the small pots these burners are capable of holding. Just know that with a small size and light weight, some restrictions as to what the burner is capable of are to be expected.

Best Price and Availability

Brunton backpack stoves are available at some specialty camping equipment stores but you will obviously find the best availability (as well as get the best price) on the Brunton Felx when you buy online. Click here to take advantage of today’s best deal now!

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