Brunton Vapor AF Backpack Stoves

Brunton Vapor Af Backpack Stoves

Brunton Vapor AF Backpack Stoves are great for backpackers who don’t mind a bit of extra weight in order to get a super stable stove that works very well. These stoves feature precise controls and a quick-priming option that allows you to start them up easily. Unlike some stoves, these camping stoves have separate bases, rather than setting up on their own propane or fuel canisters. This makes them easier to set up as well as more stable.

Features of the Brunton Vapor AF Backpack Stoves

One of the main features of the Brunton Vapor AF Backpack Stoves is that they have a single jet for all types of fuels, including liquid fuels and butane. While it can take some time to get used to burning liquid fuels, it’s helpful that you can use different types of fuel with these stoves, including propane and even diesel fuel.

Other Features Include:

  • All metal construction makes them long lasting and easy to toss in your pack
  • Easy on-trail maintenance and refurbishment kits available to keep your stove in tip-top shape
  • Precise, adjustable control allows you to simmer items slowly or heat up without using full heat
  • Three large pot stabilizers mean you can use even larger cooking gear with these stoves

Brunton Vapor Af Backpack Stoves Review

Pros and Cons of These Backpacking Stoves

One of the main pros of the Brunton Vapor AF Backpack Stoves is that they actually efficiently use different types of fuel. While other stoves claim to be able to use different fuels, you don’t need a conversion kit for these stoves to use liquid fuels, which are longer-lasting than solid or vapor fuels.

Other Pros:

  • More stable metal bottom than most backpacking stoves
  • Folds down easily so it’s easy to pack down into a backpack
  • Good pressure regulation


  • This is not the lightest weight backpacking stove on the market. However, it’s worth your while if you want a versatility of fuel options and you want to be able to have a stable stove in your pack.

Is the Brunton Vapor right for You?

Brunton Vapor AF Backpack Stoves are perfect for hikers who don’t mind a little extra weight in their packs. The stoves are great if you need a flexibility of fuels to use, since you can pack for either short or long trips. If you want the lightest weight stove on the market or a stove meant to work specifically with liquid fuels, this may not be the best option for you, however.

Best Price & Availability

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