Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves

Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves

Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves are good for hikers and backpackers because they’re versatile and happen to be one of the lightest camping stoves available. These stoves are high powered enough for all your cooking needs on the trail, but you’ll hardly notice the weight and bulk they add to your pack. If you want a stove that isn’t going to be a hassle to carry and isn’t ridiculously expensive, this is certainly one you must check out.

Features of the Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves

One of the best features of Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves that really sets them apart from the competition is their weight. At just 2.7 ounces, these stoves are some of the lightest out there. Even with the lightweight, though, they have plenty of features that make them functional little stoves.

Other Features Include:

  • Fully adjustable heat so you can slowly warm or simmer items just as easily as boiling water quickly
  • Up to 16,400 BTUs of power available on high
  • PerfectFlow from Coleman means you get a consistent flame even in adverse conditions
  • Push-button ignition means you don’t need to worry about matches for this stove

Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves Review

Pros and Cons of these Backpack Stoves

The Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves are primarily great for backpackers because of their light weight. They work with 220 gram cartridges. On high, one cartridge will last for almost an hour and will last for two hours on low. This means if you’re conservative with your cooking time, you don’t even need to lug along many heavy cartridges.

Other Pros:

  • Pot supports fold together for seriously compact storage
  • Comes with stuff sack and limited lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about this stove
  • Can work on butane or propane resealable cartridges
  • Serrated pot supports mean you can support a larger pot without having it sliding around all the time


  • Some reviewers don’t like that the stove needs to be broken down into two pieces for storage. However, this does mean you can store the canister and stove piece separately in your backpack, which could ultimately give you more versatility with this stove.

Is the Coleman Exponent Stove for You?

Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves are great for backpackers who want a stove but are really concerned with weight & price. They don’t have the fancy features of some other backpacking stoves, but they’re small enough to make up for that. If you just want to do a bit of cooking while you’re camping, as well, they can be nice to have at base camp, since they won’t take up much room among your supplies.

Availability & Best Price

Your local outdoor store may stock a limited selection of backpack stoves but you will get the best availability (and the best price!) when you buy online – and the Coleman Exponent stove is no exception. Just click here and take advantage of today’s best online price now and save!

Coleman Exponent Backpack Stoves Sale

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