MSR DragonFly Backpack Stoves

Msr Dragonfly Backpack Stoves

MSR DragonFly Backpack Stoves are made by one of the premier camping stove companies out there. They give you plenty of versatility when cooking on the trail, as they’ll hold larger pots and pans with three pot supports. They also feature excellent flame control for a small hiking stove, which is nice if you want to do some real cooking on the trail rather than just boiling water. This liquid fuel stove will work with kerosene, white gas, and unleaded auto fuel for excellent versatility.

Features of the MSR DragonFly Backpack Stoves

MSR DragonFly Backpack Stoves feature a dual-valve design, which keeps the pressure steady and allows you to control the flame with a single touch. These units also feature self-cleaning Shaker Jet system that keeps the jet clear without any extra tools. Besides this, they burn multiple liquid fuels – kerosene, white gas, and unleaded auto fuel – for the ultimate versatility.

Features Include:

  • Dual-valve design with better pressure and flame control
  • Self cleaning Shaker Jets
  • Multiple liquid fuels – unleaded auto fuel, white gas, and kerosene

MSR Dragonfly Backpack Stoves Review

Pros and Cons of These Camp Stoves

Reviewers note that compared with the WhisperLite by MSR, the DragonFly is much easier to control as far as heat level goes, which also makes it more fuel-conservative. The stand is quite stable as well and can be used most anywhere. It’s also a very small stove, even though it’s a little larger than some other models. This stove is also a sturdy design that is long-lasting and easy to pack down into your backpack.


  • Much easier to control heat levels
  • Fuel-conservative
  • Stable stand
  • Small and lightweight
  • Long-lasting, sturdy design


This, according to reviewers, is quite a noisy stove, as many liquid fuel camp stoves are. If noise will bother you, you should probably look for another option. If not, though, you’ll get a lot of value out of the DragonFly if you can just bare with the sound.

Is the MSR DragonFly for You?

The MSR DragonFly Backpack Stoves are an excellent choice for anyone who needs a lightweight backpacking stove that still offers great control over the heat. If you don’t need much control but are just going to boil water, you can get a WhisperLite for much cheaper. However, if you want to make an investment in a stove that will let you do gourmet cooking on the trail, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Best Availability and Price

You might be able to find MSR DragonFly Backpack Stoves at a very specialized, high-end backpacking store. Chances are likely, though, that you won’t find one locally. If not, you can always order online, where you’re going to get a better price nine times out of ten, anyway. Click here and get today’s best price on the DragonFly Stove now and save money today.

MSR Dragonfly Backpack Stoves Sale

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