MSR Whisperlite International Backpack Stoves

MSR Whisperlite International Backpack Stoves

The MSR Whisperlite International Backpack Stoves are perfect for hikers who need a lightweight stove and prefer easy-to-access liquid fuels over canister fuels. The stove can run off of unleaded gasoline and kerosene, so you never have to worry about being unable to find fuel at a stopover. This stove weighs 14.5 ounces. It’s not the lightest on the market, but it’s well built and easy to use, and it also features more adjustability than some of the other MSR stoves, like the Pocket Rocket, which means it’s great for those who want to do more advanced trail cooking.

Features of the MSR Whisperlite International Backpack Stoves

Of course, the biggest feature of the International edition of the MSR Whisperlite is that it can work on different types of fuel, which makes it very convenient for backpackers who don’t want to pack all the fuel they need from the outset. It’s constructed of stainless steel and brass, so it’s quite sturdy even though it’s lightweight. This stove weighs just 14.5 ounces, and it folds down into a small cooking pot.

Features Include:

  • Works with several types of fuel
  • Stainless steel and brass construction for durability
  • Weighs 14.5 ounces
  • Folds into a small cooking pot

MSR Whisperlite International Backpack Stoves Review

Pros and Cons of the Whisperlite International

Many reviewers have used the Whisperlite International for years without any problems other than basic maintenance issues that are bound to crop up with heavy use and that can normally be fixed. The stove features good flame control, so it’s better for cooking actual meals than the MSR Pocket Rocket and similar small stoves. Reviewers also like that it’s efficient with fuel that you can always find.


  • Can be used for years because it’s so durable
  • Good flame control for gourmet trail cooking
  • Efficient with almost any fuel type


  • One reviewer said that you definitely need a wind screen for the stove, since the flame is seriously affected by wind. You can get an MSR windscreen or simply make your own, depending on your preferences.
  • Some reviewers also don’t like the fact that you have to pump the stove to keep the fuel pressure up. Just understand that this is what you’re getting at the outset, and be prepared to pump it every few minutes to keep your flame going.

Is the MSR Whisperlite the Right Choice for You?

If you’re a trail gourmand and like to do real cooking – not just boiling water – the MSR Whisperlite International is a great choice for you. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers liquid fuels or who is simply concerned about being able to find replacement fuel while at a stopover. If you just want to boil water and want to save a little money, check out the MSR Pocket Rocket instead.

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MSR Whisperlite International Backpack Stoves Sale

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